Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life in NYC

Yello all.

It's been (really) a long time ago since I last posted something decent to read. It has been 4 months since I landed my feet in the concrete jungle.
Due to some cultural shock, when I first saw the New York, I didn't feel anything at all. The first thing that came into my head was : "Shit, I'm going to be stuck here for 4 years."
The idea of feeling lucky of being given the opportunity to be in this magical place, just...poof. vanished, just like Cinderella when the clock strikes 12. Just like magic.

For the last 4 months, I haven't live my supposedly-exciting-and-intriguing life to the fullest. I kept on looking back, towards what I left back then in my hometown. Kept on missing friends back at home, kept on thinking the shits I left back at home, and unconsciously, I was walking backwards yet the life was moving forward.

It was like being on a treadmill really. You were facing backwards, yet the treadmill (a.ka the life) was moving forward. When you realized the magical thing that you were supposed to see if you walk forward, it's all too late. Because it happened, in the past.

Life was not good back then. I was stupid.
But then again, you know what, it's in the past.

Now, I am being faced with two choices, to keep on walking backwards, or turning my body into the right direction to make peace with the treadmill.

I choose the latter.
So yes, now I can say...

New York City, bring    it     on.


Cynthia Febriana said...

keep moving forward, dear :*

Gabriella Darmasaputra said...

i know how you felt... i also felt like i wasted a year being such a wimp and not being able to talk to anybody. and like you, ive decided to stop being a wimp and just soldier on! i miss you, mate.


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